The Goldhanger Bell Ringers Remember…

In WW1 1400 bell ringers died in the conflict.

The associated change ringers of the UK, started a campaign for each ringing tower, to recruit new members, to “replace” these people.This is Michelle, also of Goldhanger, who became fascinated with bell ringing after bumping into several of the the local team, in the local pub. She has completed her initial bell handling, basic methods and can now ring for the church services, on Sunday. She is our WW1 recruit. The tower has several more trainees, in the pipeline, behind her, however, Michelle will ring in Goldhanger for the 100th Anniversary on 11th November 2018.

Also seen here is temporary W/O 2 Gebel (acting, unpaid) showing the bell ringing world, what a WW1 recruiting Sergeant Major might look like.

This pic has been posted on the web page for Essex Ass. Of Change Ringers & the the local page.
After all, how many other towers, will be able to do this!!!

A local bell-ringer lost and recorded on the Goldhanger war memorial, was Pte. John Waklin, a signaller, in 10th Batt. Essex Rgt, at the rear-guard action in Rouez Wood on 23Mar1918.

It is good to report that the campaign has been successful and that 1700 new ringers, will be
available for ringing on Armistice Day.

Martin Gebel