Brooklands Great War Day 2018

On the 28th of September, the 10th Essex took part in Brooklands final farewell to the Great War Centenary. A regular event for the Essex now, its a wonderful venue that allows us to showcase a great range of demonstrations while surrounded by some of the finest machines and hardware of the period.

An excellent and relaxed event which saw smiles all round from the group, with excellent displays on weapons and tactics, scout school and drill. We were joined by our First Aid Nursing Yeomanry contingent who draw close links to the site with Muriel Thompson F.A.N.Y holding records at Brooklands. Joined as well by Volunteer Aid Detachment nurses, our soldiers were well looked after and bandaged up and carried on stretchers around the site to show another aspect of the war.

Brooklands then invited us to have a closer look and sit in the hardware itself, including the Matchless combination sidecar with Heavy Machine gun, Pierce Arrow 13pdr Anti-Aircraft piece (An absolute favourite with everyone there, with Sgt Gage and Lcpl Everest looking like pigs in muck as they sat in the seats for it), the Sopwith Camel and of course the absolutely magnificent Vickers Vimy.

Brooklands is an incredibly special place with the Great War in mind, so it was a wonderful treat to be allowed to ‘play’ with some of the toys.

The Essex will be returning there in August of Next year.

Mike Everest
All images are courtesy of the Brooklands Museum

Brooklands 2018

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