Vulcan Open Day by 10th Essex Living History Group

Our Visit the Vulcan Days at London Southend Airport give everyone an opportunity to see former Royal Air Force bomber Avro Vulcan XL426 up close at a very affordable price. With lots to see and no admission fee for under-16s, they are an ideal family day out. You will also have the chance to sit inside the Vulcan's cockpit.

Our team will be giving guided tours of Vulcan XL426 and you will be able to see a rare example of a WE177B nuclear bomb on display beneath the Vulcan. There will also be examples of 1,000 lb High Explosive bomb the Vulcan dropped on Port Stanley airfield during the 1982 Falklands Conflict. Also on display will be the life raft which the Vulcan’s crew would have used had they had to escape from the aircraft out at sea.

Special attraction for the day is the 10th Essex Living History Group which will be displaying its replica World War 1 Nieuport 20 and DH.2 aircraft.


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