The Royal Parks Guild Annual Awards Ceremony 2019

On the 11th July, we were invited to the Royal Parks Guild Annual Awards Ceremony. This is because since 2014, the group has been involved with the Guild and The Royal Parks in putting together events to remember the roles played by the parks during the Great War.

One highlight was in 2016, when we got the chance to install a trench system in Kensington Gardens which ran for two weeks. It was enjoyed by the schools during the week and open to the public at the weekends.

Then in 2018, at the Hampton Court Flower Show, we had the previliage to help with wonderful ‘Battlefield to Butterflies’ garden. It was the only garden where the public queued for more than a hour to go through.

Some of the other events were the unveiling of the Royal Hospital Memorial in Brompton Cemetery and a plague to the gardeners from the Royal Parks in the Colinades, We also attended an exhibition of the project in Wren House, Royal Chelsea Hospital plus others.

So to end this journey we were award a Storm Lantern which was dug up from the Somme battlefields by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission from the Royal Parks Guild for all the work the group has done during the project.

So many thanks to all those involved and who gave up their time to be part of something special.

A WW1 Storm Lantern from The Somme
The Storm Lantern from the battlefields of the Somme