2020 Rememberance with the 10th

Though we are separated as a group at the moment during the pandemic, we asked our members to put together a photograph with the simple brief of ‘Remembrance’. Within the group we have dedicated members tell not only the story of the 10th Essex on the Western Front, but of men and women from across the conflict and across the globe.

The Great War truly was a World War, and its often easy to forget that the mudsoaked battlefields of Flanders were not the only place the war touched. As a group we are proud to be able to represent and remember the life and works of the fighting soldiers of the 10th Essex, but the home front, women at war, Britains allies and indeed her adversaries as well. All who were touched by the conflict are remembered.

We hope you have a peaceful and thoughtful Remembrance Sunday At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.