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CVHF - 2020

From the archives – CVHF

A few years ago, we did a show at the Chalke Valley History Festival where we invited the public to ...
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Chris Barker Trench Life

Trench life

In this film meet Chris Barker from the 10th Essex and other living historians, who are living in a WW1 ...
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WW1 Infantry Painting

Tatical Change During The First World War

One of our members, Keiran Hazzard, has recorded his lecture on the development of British infantry tactics during WW1.We hope ...
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WW1 Scout Equipment 1

WW1 Scout Equipment

So to add to Carl Mitchley's brilliant kit tutorials on what Tommy would have worn throughout the Great War. Another ...
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1918 Tommy's Kit (1)

The WW1 Tommy – Kit Lesson 5 (1918)

So here is the last tutorial in the series depicting the equipment and uniforms used by the British army during ...
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1917 Tommy's Kit (1)

The WW1 Tommy – Kit Lesson 4 (1917)

It is now time for lesson 4 looking at the British Soldier, we are now in the year 1917. After ...
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