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1916 Tommy's Kit (1)

The WW1 Tommy – Kit Lesson 3 (1916)

Today is day three looking at the kit and equipment of Tommy Atkins and we will now be looking at ...
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1915 Tommy's Kit (1)

The WW1 Tommy – Kit Lesson 2 (1915)

For the second of our mini tutorials showing the equipment of the British Tommy during ww1, we shall be looking ...
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1914 Tommy's Kit (2)

The WW1 Tommy – Kit Lesson 1 (1914)

Here’s the first mini tutorial on the equipment of the WW1 Tommy from our Quartermaster, Carl Mitchely. Starting at the ...
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Third Army Infantry Training School

Demonstrations of mounted and dismounted drill at Third Army Infantry Training School, probably 1917. An officer shows the correct methods ...
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Remembrance Day 2019 at Hornchurch Country Park

On Sunday 10th November the 10th Essex were invited to attend a memorial rememberance day service at Hornchurch Country Park ...
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Newville 2019 and the 10th Essex

Every year some members of the 10th Essex make the trip across the pond to Newville, Pennsylvania for a weekend ...
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