Living History Displays

The group have frequently been likened to a ‘Living Museum’ owing to the range of original Great War Uniform, Equipment, Weapons and Artifacts on display. Selected individuals are able to give professional presentations on various aspects of the conflict ranging from an extensive subject such as a general overview of the conflict, to detail such as personal kit, weapons, gas warfare etc. These have been presented at both Museums, and Schools.

We also attempt to have in attendant with our field displays is a Tented ‘Living History’ encampment in which much period and authentic activity is ongoing. This does depend on type of event we attend and how many members come along.

Brian_Speak_MO (15)
Brian_Speak_MO (9)
Brooklands_2019 (8)
Brooklands WW1 Day by 10th Essex Living History Group
2017 Kensington-Gardens-Trench (59)
2017-Ingerbourne-Show (24)
2015-Batemans (2)
2011-Military-Odyssey (70)
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