Remembrance Day 2019 at Hornchurch Country Park

On Sunday 10th November the 10th Essex were invited to attend a memorial rememberance day service at Hornchurch Country Park. As part of the days event, we also were they to help with an exhibition revealing the role Hornchurch played in both World War One and Two. This allowed visitors to learn more about the

On the 8th of June 1919, Whit Sunday, the last men serving with the 10th

On the 8th of June 1919, Whit Sunday, the last men serving with the 10th (Service) Battalion the Essex Regiment paraded for the last time. The final dismiss. This disbandment was held in FOVANT on Salisbury Plain Wiltshire. The last diary entry was April 30th at CLARY. It read; “all available personnel employed on fatigues.”

Brompton Cemetery Memorial Service

On Wednesday 7th November 2018, we were invited to take part in a memorial and dedication service at Brompton Cemetery, West London. Working in partnership with the Royal Parks Guild, The Royal Hospital Chelsea and the Royal Parks after 3 years of planning the event took place. A specially-inscribed memorial stone was permanently placed in

Warley Chapel

Great event today at the Warley chapel with the 10th remembered with our stained glass window and Roll of Honour plus colours going back to Quatre Bras. One of the highlights was when an ex-RAF NCO told us that our rest on your arms reverse was the digs! Could it mean that we did it